The Hub Club

What is the Hub Club and who can join?

The Hub Club provides life-changing, Performing Arts opportunities for the youth of our community.

By joining the Hub Club, you will:

  • Give all youth a place to belong and grow.
  • Inspire students to dream big, all while teaching them essential life skills.
  • Expand outreach so no child misses out on being a part of the magic!

Anyone can join, as we all have the power to impact the life, growth, and future of a child in our community.

“Not only have I grown as a performer, but the skills I have learned; self-confidence, thinking on my feet, memorization, problem solving, have made me a better student, public speaker, and person. I love the Wagon Wheel!”

-Jordyn Leininger, age 16

Why should you join the Hub Club?

  • Your consistent giving will make an incredible impact over the course of a year.
  • Joining the Hub Club means you become a part of a group of dedicated supporters who are committed to changing the lives of youth through the performing arts!
  • Your monthly gifts enable us to expand programs, serve more students and provide a foundation towards a brighter future!
  • You’ll receive exclusive updates, stories from students and the impact your gift has made.

Sponsor a child for just $25 a month!

If just 100 people joined The Hub Club at $25 a month, that would provide more than 300 youth in Kosciusko, Allen, Whitley, Elkhart counties, and surrounding communities access to the Wagon Wheel experience!

$25/month, that’s less than $1 a day!

For Monthly Giving Questions:

Elisa Wise

Development Director

phone: 574-267-8041 ext. 303


Not ready to make a Monthly Donation? You can still make a one-time gift today to support our mission!