Job Opportunities

Front-Of-House Team

Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts is always looking for skilled and courteous individuals to join the front-of-house staff. Employees in this role facilitate guest services during events, including concessions, cleaning, and more.

Interested in joining the team? Fill out the form below and email it to boxoffice@wagonwheelcenter.org.

Thank you to all TECH applicants for 2020 Summer Season!

Stay tuned for our Holiday show technical hiring opportunities!

For questions please contact Production Manager, Matthew Helpert: matthew@wagonwheelcenter.org


In order to produce another summer of Broadway-quality theatre, we need to fill the following positions:

  • Tech Director
  • Assistant Tech Director
  • 1 Scenic Artist
  • 1 Props Designer
  • 1 Master Electrician
  • 3 Carpenter/Electricians
  • 2 Stitcher/Costume Assistants
  • Sound Designer/Board Operator
  • Production Stage Manager

The season includes The Wizard of Oz, Guys and Dolls, The Music Man, Big the Musical, Pride and Prejudice, and Always Patsy Cline. These positions are summer contracts only (approximately 13 weeks).  Contracts run May 18th – August 22nd (willing to be flexible for students).  Some contracts may be extended based on crew needs for last show and availability of crew members. Pay Starts at $325 per week and Housing is provided by theatre at no cost to the Technician.

The Wagon Wheel is an 830 + seat theatre-in-the-round which is supported by a live orchestra during musical productions. Each production runs for 11 days, with only 3 days between productions. THATS FAST!!! Therefore, we need intelligent and quick-thinking technicians who are willing to learn, adapt, and think on their feet.  Hours worked per day are MANY, but the experience is worth it. EVERYONE ON CREW will be considered for run crew positions based on the production’s needs. Workdays will involve climbing, crawling, kneeling, bending, twisting, carrying, pushing, pulling, math, sawdust, working in the sun, evenings, and holidays, painting, loud noises, and sweeping.

Below is a brief job description and requirements for each position:

Technical Director- Applicants must have experience managing a scene shop, be able to create, read and understand technical drawings with moderate hand drafting skills (vectorworks or autocad experience is a plus). Other skills should include: strong wood working skills and theatrical rigging practices, ability to take and give direction, capable of completing a project from start to finish on a deadline, working in a fast-paced schedule, good time management skills, ability to communicate clearly with directors, designers, PSM and crew. (Experience operating ETC lighting consoles, and troubleshooting intelligent lighting fixtures is a plus.) Prefer someone who is solution oriented with a collaborative attitude. This is not just a desk job. In addition to paperwork duties, the TD is expected to build scenery/props. A computer will NOT be provided by the theatre.

The Tech Director responsibilities include, but not limited to:

• Overseeing management, maintenance, and safety of scene shop and prop shop
• Working closely with ATD to create/explain construction drafting based on designer drawings, and to determine build schedule.
• Determining materials needed for each project – purchasing/ordering materials, tracking, collecting receipts, and receiving orders.
• Maintaining budget reports for each area per show
• Training crew on the preferred method of construction
• Collaborating with scenic artist and props designer on construction schedules
• Ensuring the completion of all set elements
• Rigging
• Communicating with master electrician to ensure appropriate implementation of light plot
• Managing strikes and load-ins for each set
• Working on multiple productions within tight timelines
• Maintaining organization in the scene shop, storage units, materials racks, and backstage areas.
• Maintaining a safe work environment
• Facilitating technical rehearsals – Assist in training run crew as needed
• Being present at any and all production meetings.
• Checking in with director/designer/PSM regularly regarding progress of show, and its needs.
• Providing support for special events or company projects as needed
• Prior experience safely loading/hauling/unloading scenery from box truck is a plus

Assistant Technical Director– Applicants must be experienced working in a scene shop, able to take and give direction, capable of completing a project from start to finish on a deadline and working in a fast-paced schedule. Strong wood working skills are a must, with experience doing finish carpentry – moulding, routing, sanding, etc, rigging and some basic scenic painting. Moderate hand drafting skills- vectorworks or autocad experience is a plus. Any experience with ETC lighting consoles and/or experience with LED and intelligent light fixtures is a plus. This is NOT a desk job. Hours worked per day are MANY and long, but the experience is indescribably rewarding.

The ATD responsibilities will include, but not limited to:

• Reporting to the technical director
• Assisting in supervising all aspects of the scene shop/props shop – Including co-workers
• Ensuring safety is a priority.
• Accurate construction of scenery/props
• Notifying TD of inventory issues
• Assisting with rigging
• Assisting with lighting calls when needed (under the master electrician)
• Being present for all technical rehearsals, shows, and changeovers
• Working with PSM to assign appropriate run crew
• May be placed on run crew if needed

Props Designer – will be responsible for the design and creation of hand props. Must be able to communicate with Directors for each of the show’s needs, pulling/purchasing items as well as creating/building/modifying and painting various props and furniture, repairing props during run of shows in a timely manner, and maintaining organization in workspace and storage. May be asked to be on Run Crew if necessary. This position works closely with the Technical Director and Scenic Designers. Strong communication skills, self-motivation, ability to prioritize, and crafting skills are required.

Scenic Artist – Responsibilities of the Scenic Artist are: estimating volume of paint needed for projects, matching/mixing as necessary, ordering paints and sealers, communicating with Designers about the desired results of paint treatments, communicating with the Technical Director about supplies, time requirements, order costs, etc. Must have an eye for detail, be diligent, self-sufficient, fast-paced, willing to work late hours by yourself, willing to work outside during the day, with good time management skills. Experience with a Hudson sprayer, or a pneumatic sprayer, sculpting, or raised textures is a plus.

Master Electrician – Will be responsible for communicating with each show’s Lighting Designer, understanding and managing the hang, circuiting, and focus of each light plot in a safe and timely manner. Other responsibilities include; maintaining lighting equipment, running light board during productions, and working in scene shop when lighting tasks are complete. Must have a strong working knowledge of ETC lighting console, competent wiring practical electrical units, comfortable working on ladders and at heights exceeding 12′.

Carpenter/Electricians – prefer Technicians with moderate-strong wood carpentry skills. Position will spend 8+ hours a day working in scene shop prior to shows. Will help with hang/circuiting/focus during changeover for each show. Carpenter-Electricians are also run crew for shows as necessary. Will be expected to work with power tools and saws in a safe and effective manner. Additional skills such as wiring, painting, and sewing are a plus.

Stitcher/Costume Asst. – Must have expert sewing skills, be a knowledgeable crafts-person, have ample experience working with industrial sewing machines (blind stitch, serger, etc.), familiar with period attire, be well organized with the ability to work diligently under stress. This position will be the liaison between director and costume designer on most workdays and will be expected to have strong communication skills. Other expectations include but are not limited to: Keeping the costume shop/stock/storage organized and cared for, pulling appropriate costumes as needed, building costumes/pieces/accessories as specified by the costume designer, ensuring that the dressing rooms and laundry facilities are being kept in an orderly state, ensuring the current show needs are being accomplished and that all costumes/undergarments/shoes/accessories for future shows will be ready for tech rehearsals as scheduled. Both costuming assistants will be given scripts for each show to read and gain a thorough understanding of costume needs, quick changes, etc. and will also be expected to attend any and all production meetings.

Sound Designer – Responsibilities of the Sound Designer are: Running/mixing sound for all performances, obtaining all sound effects (whether recorded or live for a specific production). Other duties include: setting up the sound playback equipment, setting up cue lists, reading the script and meeting with director to discuss the sound design for each production, creating Mic Plots for the actors, maintaining and repairing equipment as needed. Will also be assisting with set up of all equipment involved in each production including: Microphones for actors, orchestra, and any additional needed offstage vocal sounds. Experience with Que Lab a plus. Ability to make repairs on damaged equipment a plus. While not running a show, the Sound Designer may be required to help out/work in other departments.

Please send Technical position questions and resumes WITH references and links to portfolio (if possible) to Staff Member, Jennifer Dow: jen@wagonwheelcenter.org

Production Stage Manager – We are looking for a person who is punctual, self-motivated, organized, has strong communication skills, and can follow a libretto. This position will work with only one ASM, so applicants must be able to multi-task, be a diligent worker, and self-motivated to do paperwork. Experience working with a live orchestra, and/or children is a plus. Will be asked to supply samples of prompt book, blocking notes, paperwork, etc.
Please send Stage Management questions and resumes WITH samples and references to Artistic Director, Scott Michaels: scottmichaels@www.wagonwheelcenter.org